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Big wisdom group on2010Years,Has successively established heze wisdom, trademark Patent Office、Shandong master elder brother intellectual property agency co., LTD、Heze wisdom design firm、Shandong hui letter accounting consulting co., LTD、Shangqiu wisdom trademark agency co., LTD,Anhui qi ha ha enterprise service management co., LTD,Culture communication co., LTD. Shenzhen too,Plan3Years in the country15The opening of a branch office,5In listing。Now the big wisdom group team has reached300People,Company now in jinan wisdom, as the center of radiation throughout the country,With rich resources and in college、Bachelor degree、Graduate students、Patent lawyer writing personnel and all high-quality talent set,To create more professional、More efficient、More authority the intellectual property of the whole production chain services。Now, in addition to the intellectual property rights,Company registration agency bookkeeping,At the same timeISOManagement system certification、AAACertification,Overseas company registration,Bar code,The recognition of hi-tech enterprises、Tmall occupancy, etc... <In more detail>
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