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The inn/The hotel

  • Jinling yixian county huangshan hotel
    Yixian brigitte Yang town wing road216Number(Wing road and dongyue mountain north road interchange)
  • Huangshan scenic park holiday apartment(Tunxi old street shop)
    Tunxi district Huizhou avenue yuan a grand view of upriver city
  • Huangshan golf hotel
    Huangshan mountain Tunxi district Yingbin avenue78Number ,Yurun resort area
  • Huangshan fondle plume heights
    Double ridge road tunnel205National highway,Huangshan scenic area and between hong cun
  • Huangshan white geese heights
    Anhui huangshan scenic spot of white eling(The scenic area,The top of the mountain,The sunrise sunset)
  • Beijing international hotel
    Beijing Fengtai district Feng line16Number8Building
  • Rapidly huangshan and the hotel
    Huangshan city ziwei road rapidly5Number(Close to huizhou city core scenic area,The transportation is convenient,Business travel)
  • Huangshan this wonderland ZhongKun hotel
    Yixian hong cun town(This village)

Huangshan scenic spot tickets

  • Huizhou city  5A
    Rapidly in anhui province huangshan city huizhou huizhou city road
  • Qiyun moutain  4A
    Huangshan city in anhui province Hugh zhengning county town of qiyun moutain before rock street018Number
  • Show in the film and television  
    Film and television in huangshan city in anhui province yixian hong cun xiu village
  • Wuyuan breeze scenic wonderland  
    Assignment of yiyang county, jiangxi wuyuan county town YanTian king village
  • Jyb studios  
  • Huangshan feng vast land  
    Huangshan city, anhui province huangshan district Tan Jiaqiao town shimen canyon scenic spot
  • Hong cun scenic spot  5A
    Huangshan city in anhui province yixian hong cun town
  • Taiping lake  4A
    Huangshan city, anhui province huangshan taiping town

Travel home

    Tourist route

    • Huangshan JingHuaYou a day【Huangshan city or soup port group】
    • The ancient city of rapidly、PaiFangQun、Hui large house(West park)A day trip
    • The charm in the south of anhui Hong cun、XiDi one-day tour of nj
    • Hong cun half day tour
    • Huangshan two days and join the swim team Night at the top of the mountain View the sunrise 【Downtown hotel free shuttle】
    • Jade valley、Hong cun one-day tour of nj
    • Wuyuan is in a day at the ridge
    • Huangshan tuxedo、Night at huizhou residence in one hundred
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