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Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride
Two fluorine ethane(HFC-152a)
Three fluorine ethane(HFC-143a)
Five fluorine ethane(HFC-125)
Methylene fluoride(HFC-32)
Of seven fluorin propane(HFC-227ea)
Two fluorine one methyl chloride(HCFC-22)
Two fluorine one ethyl chloride(HCFC-142b)
A fluorine ethylene dichloride(HCFC-141b)
Three fluoride vinyl chloride(CTFE)
Three fluorine chemical oxide(CFC-113a)
Coatings with fluorine carbon resin
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  Changshu three love rich ZhongHao chemical new material co., LTDWas established2001Years10Month,Is a new material co., LTD. Shanghai three love rich holdings of joint-stock enterprises。The company is located in changshu, jiangsu new material industrial park,Cover an area of an area463m(The existing factory area372m,The new factory91m),At present registered more than one thousand employees。
  Company main products areODS(Ozone-depleting substances)Substitute、Fluorinated polymers、Fluorine fine chemicals、Fluorocarbon coatings, etc,Including:HFC-152a、HFC-32、HFC-227ea、HCFC-22、HCFC-142b、Coatings with fluorine resin、HFO-1234yfAnd so on。The company has import-export operation,Products60%Or sold to the United States、The world, such as the European Union50Multiple regions,Has become a domestic fluorine carbon compounds、Volume has good comprehensive fluorine chemical industry base。The last two years in the global economic downturn、Severe overcapacity、Under the influence of industry competition,The development trend of companies are still steady。2015Year company operating income13.09One hundred million yuan,The total amount of profit1.65One hundred million yuan。
  Company is torch plan,With fluorine chemical materials engineering technology research center of jiangsu province(Is the province of fluorine chemical engineering technology center)、Jiangsu province enterprise technology center,To build enterprise of jiangsu province and east China university of science and technology in hand academician workstation、Cooperating with dalian university of technology in hand postdoctoral practice base in jiangsu province。Company to undertake the torch plan3Items、Rejuvenating trade through science and technology1Items,Have authorized invention patent9Items。Provincial science and technology progress prize5Items;The city of patents3Items;The new product3A。

ZhongHao elegant demeanourZhongHao elegant demeanourZhongHao elegant demeanourZhongHao elegant demeanourZhongHao elegant demeanourZhongHao elegant demeanourZhongHao elegant demeanourZhongHao elegant demeanour
Safety production

  Safety production is the foundation of all work,Is our eternal pursuit。Since the company2005Year to dupont introduced to occupational safety environmental health as the coreSHEManagement system,And combined with the actual development of perfect,Strengthening security foundation,Improve the intrinsically safe,To promote the deepening of the safety management,To establish a long-term mechanism of the enterprise safety production,To strive for“Zero injuries、Zero discharge environment event、Zero occupational disease events”SanLing goals,To realize the sustainable development of enterprises laid a solid foundation。2011Company become suzhou the first year“Safety production standardization level 2 enterprise in jiangsu province”,2014-2015Years,Company three consecutive realized millions of hours without damage,Set up a new milestone in the safety production。
  In recent years,The scientific and safe development of the enterprise also has brought many honors for the company。The company was awarded2012The annual national“Ankang cup race winner enterprise”、2013The annual“Demonstrate the union labor protection in jiangsu province”、2011The annual“The model of safety culture construction in jiangsu province enterprises”、The new national standard“High and new technology enterprise”The title、Suzhou credit management model enterprise;Waterborne fluorocarbon resin、The new productHFO-1234yf(Four fluorine propylene)To obtain“High-tech products in jiangsu province”The title;Changshu three party won the rich love suzhou pioneer basic-level party organization。

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Jiangsu province two fusion pilot enterprisesSuzhou city famous trademark certificate2012The annual two top ten private enterprisesLarge taxpayerThe ankang cupCredit management model enterpriseA famous trademark in jiangsu province certificatePioneer basic-level party organizationSuzhou city May 1 labor awardChangshu outstanding internationalization enterpriseNanjing customs senior certification enterprisesAdvanced basic-level party organizationOutstanding private enterprises
People's government of mesozoic-cenozoic ZhongHao investigation research
The company to attend2019Annual meeting and fluorosilicone coating industry for 20 years
Three love rich ZhongHao changshu branch won the Shanghai huayi group“Advanced the party at the grass-roots level...
Changshu three love rich ZhongHao branch who made the sea runs the town【Action branch pacesetter】
The company to go throughISO14001:2015Environmental management
Has been accepted by the companyCCCCertification examination
Province emergency room of the experts on the depth of company for security check
The company won the honor
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