Our vision

For a guest to nest,Plays for the enterprise,Build a startup forest,Hatch a batch of high quality trees,Create national entrepreneurship ecosystem type incubator

A strong teamAce serviceConsiderate serviceProfessional customer service

New space enterprise incubation park

We are a group of ordered to angel    Response to the call of national double gen    We are a group of youth entrepreneurship    Pioneered innovative model

We are a service team    For a guest to provide comprehensive services    We are a carrier of incubation    Build growth platform for the enterprise


We are the ministry of science and technology as the gen space at the national level        We are city people club bureau of entrepreneurship training base

We are a.also technology-based private enterprises        We are the bookkeeping agency industry association of Shanxi ProvinceAAAAThe unit


But we are    —The one hatch you hit the road    —Hardships accompany you to grow with you    —You grow the one to help you fly higher

To learn more new space


What we do

Commitment to the development of small micro enterprise comprehensive service and innovation;Focus on small micro enterprises to provide a full range of integrated services;Incubation of the enterprise into a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises;To cultivate science and technology enterprises“Four new projects”Characteristic enterprise;Develop characteristic enterprise into a comprehensive ecological body extending industrial chain

Entrepreneurial guidance Technological innovation Entrepreneurship training Intellectual property rights Registered agent The site provides The fiscal and taxation service High and new technology enterprise application


Today the quality of the accumulating achievement

One-stop business service platform The gen space at the national level/Provincial private technology enterprises/Municipal entrepreneurship training base/The municipal miniature enterprise incubation park The public business,Among the innovation


News center

09-122019The Mid-Autumn festival holiday arrangement notice about new space

08-302019Full implementation of the individual income tax return credit commitment system in our country

08-272019Bookkeeping agency industry in Shanxi Province association of the second general election meeting in taiyuan city new space enterprise incubation park service co., LTD

08-272019Taiyuan new exhibition space2019China·Taiyuan entrepreneurs to join exposition


The partner

Contact us

Contact us

Register cluster;Service practice training bases;Incubation park management;The trustee provide secretarial service for the enterprise;Entrepreneurial guidance;Enterprise management consulting;Corporate marketing planning;Bookkeeping agency;The finance and tax consulting;

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